The following set of rules are in conjunction to the General Terms and Conditions of WARKINGDOMS. You should familiarize yourself with the General Terms and Conditions to verify what is allowed and what is prohibited, especially in case of an account that has been banned for a rule violation. Inciting, manipulating, encouraging, assisting or conspiring with others to violate any of WARKINGDOMS Rules is impermissible. These rules apply for players that will delete their accounts or are currently deleting their accounts without exception.
  1. Registration & ownership
  2. Each player may only own and play one account per server.
    1. The e-mail address used for the registration of an account must be under the personal and exclusive control of the person who registered the account. The person owning the e-mail address currently registered for an account is considered the owner of the account, regardless of any other personal or alliance agreements. The owner of an account is fully responsible for all actions taken by the account.
    2. In order to switch an account with another person on the same game world, both persons must send an e-mail message to from the e-mail address currently registered to the account. The e-mail must contain the following information:
      The game world on which the account resides The nickname of the account The e-mail address of the new owner.
    3. In case of abuse of the referral system (e.g. by creating several accounts violating the ยง1.1), both referrals and the referrer may be held responsible and punished.
    4. Your kingdom name (personal datas) can be viewed from leaderboard, map and game reports pages by other users.
  3. Program errors
  4. Program errors (also called bugs) may not be used to one's benefit. Abuse can lead to a punishment of the account.
  5. Money&Gold transactions
  6. Any sales or purchases concerning real money regarding accounts, units, villages, resources, services or any other aspect of WARKINGDOMS are impermissible. Transferring gold consciously over help limits (500k gold for each 1000 age points), serving as slave account is forbidden. The sale of WARKINGDOMS accounts as well as any indirect transfer (even as gifts) in connection with auction sites or other money transactions is impermissible. Using sub account is forbidden. Serving another player with full of resources and warrior sacrifices is treated as sub account usage. After sub account detection, main and sub account will be punished without any warning.
  7. Netiquette
  8. Everyone must communicate in a polite, conversational tone. Administrators may change inappropriate profiles and place names without warning. Players using bad language at alliance wall or nick names will be banned without warning. Following behavior is punishable and applies to all descriptions, the account name, alliance names, alliance walls, place names and messages: Participation in abusive, defamatory, sexist, racist or profane language; disparaging any religion, race, nation, gender, age group, or sexual orientation; threatening a person with actions in real life. Posting or transmission of any material not suitable for underage persons. Blackmailing players in a way that violates any of WARKINGDOMS's rules in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions. Displaying battle reports or messages in public without consent of both concerned parties.English is the only language tolerated in messages and descriptions. Impersonating officials or official positions is illegal in any way. Advertisement of any kind that has not been permitted by the WARKINGDOMS Team is impermissible.
  9. Punishments
  10. If there is an offence against these game rules, administrators and, if necessary, the Community Managers will ban the account(s) in question and decide on a proper punishment. Punishments will always exceed the gain of the violation of the rules. Resources, buildings, places or troops lost during the time of suspension do not count as punishment and will not be replaced by the WARKINGDOMS Team. No player has the right to claim payment or replacement for Diamond time lost due to suspension. There is no special treatment for WARKINGDOMS Diamond users regarding the game rules neither in the time needed to deal with the case nor in the punishment. Players may talk to the administrators who banned them or an Community Manager either via IGM (ingame message) or e-mail. Bans, punishments or deletions are not to be discussed in public (e.g. Chat or Forums). Appeals must be written in English. Additionally, the WARKINGDOMS Team will not provide information concerning bans to any person, other than the account owner.
  11. Changing of rules
  12. The WARKINGDOMS Team reserves the right to change the rules at any time. The WARKINGDOMS Team will announce the changes at least 7 days before.
  13. Correction clause
  14. If individual regulations of this set of rules should prove to be in any way ineffective, it does not affect the validity of the remaining regulations of this set of rules. The Community Managers commit themselves to replace ineffective regulations with new regulations which replace the ineffective regulations as fast as possible.
  15. Disorganizing Game
  16. Activities which cause disorganizing game or defraud other players will be punished with completely ban. Fake attacks to increase war count, using bots, creating or taking advantage of so many subaccounts and activities like these will be coused with complete ban.